Gender & Diver­sity Lunch


A collaborative format of CRC 1472 & 1187 on equal opportunities
18. April 2023
12:15 - 13:45 Uhr
Herrengarten AH A 228

Meral Akkent: Winning the city with women’s words and art

The talk discusses possibilities for a gender museum to intervene in the patriarchal discourse in public space, to increase the impact of feminist demands, to make ethnic and cultural diversity tangible, to practice participation.

About the series:
The “Gender & Diversity Lunch” series invites all members of the CRC “Media of Cooperation” and “Transformations of the Popular” to an exchange on current topics and issues in the fields of gender equality, diversity and the compatibility of family and science. The goal of the series is to facilitate networking between CRC members and individuals from different fields and with different biographical experiences. A guest on a particular topic is invited to each event. The series is held at lunchtime, including a snack. Suggestions for topics and guests are always welcome.