Voicing Outrage? Igno­ring the Matter? Explai­ning the Problem! – A Model of Analy­sis for Enga­ging with Aesthe­tic Refe­rences to Nati­o­nal Socia­lism during Times of Emer­ging Far-Right Popu­lism Using the Exam­ple of Ramm­stein’s Deut­sch­land.” (2021)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


In this article I will showcase a model developed as part of my PhD project for constructively engaging with artistic references to National Socialism in “media combinations” such as video-clips and recording media using the example of Rammstein’s video-clip Deutschland (2019). Using Linda Hutcheon’s model for the analysis of irony in aesthetic products as a theoretical framework, a trans-medial music analysis of visual, auditive and contextual aspects will be carried out. With the resulting observations on the phenomenon, I will broaden the focus to present four suggestions on how the video-clip Deutschland can be read. In a final step, I will suggest ways in which my analytical model can be used constructively in music education in order to avoid the automatism of “voicing outrage” and instead deal with – morally questionable – artistic references to National Socialism in popular culture.


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Kopanski, Reinhard (2021): “Voicing Outrage? Ignoring the Matter? Explaining the Problem! – A Model of Analysis for Engaging with Aesthetic References to National Socialism during Times of Emerging Far-Right Populism Using the Example of Rammstein’s Deutschland.” In: Zeitschrift für Kritische Musikpädagogik (5, Sonderedition), 138–160, https://zfkm.org/sonder21-Kopanski.pdf.