Where do blog­gers blog? Plat­form tran­si­ti­ons within the histo­ri­cal Dutch blogos­phere (2012)


The blogosphere has played an instrumental role in the transition and the evolution of linking technologies and practices. This research traces and maps historical changes in the Dutch blogosphere and the interconnections between blogs, which - traditionally considered - turn a set of blogs into a blogosphere. This paper will discuss the definition of the blogosphere by asking who the actors are which make up the blogosphere through its interconnections. This research aims to repurpose the Wayback Machine so as to trace and map transitions in linking technologies and practices in the blogosphere over time by means of digital methods and custom software. We are then able to create yearly network visualizations of the historical Dutch blogosphere (1999-2009). This approach allows us to study the emergence and decline of blog platforms and social media platforms within the blogosphere and it also allows us to investigate local blog cultures.


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Weltevrede, Esther / Anne Helmond (2012): „Where do bloggers blog? Platform transitions within
the historical Dutch blogosphere“, in: First Monday 17 (2). DOI: 10.5210/fm.v17i2.3775.