Dr. Élise Gayraud

  • Asso­zi­ierte:r Forscher:in

Dr Élise G. M. Gayraud is a post-doctoral research fellow in ethnomusicology and music education at the University of Siegen. She graduated in 2016 with a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Durham (UK). Her thesis, entitled "Towards an ethnography of a culturally eclectic scene: Preserving and transforming Folk music in 21st-century England", explores recent changes and transformations in the folk music scene in England.

Her current research project investigates informal music learning and teaching environments, peer-to-peer transmission and the transformation of musical and cultural heritage. Specifically, the project focuses on Ethno-World initiatives and how the organisation adapts and transforms traditional musics in international settings. Dr Gayraud is also interested in the significance of such initiatives in peace-building through international music exchanges and aims to develop our understanding of musical and political impacts of globalisation on traditional music-making within the Ethno movement. Of benefit to cultural policy makers as well as musical communities (music educators, event organisers and Ethno participants), this research project highlights and critically analyses the impact of international grass-roots initiatives increasing intercultural awareness. Additionally, it interrogates the potential integration of informal teaching and learning methods into mainstream music education reflecting current transformations in musical practices.

Dr Gayraud has always been passionate about interdisciplinary collaborations in cultural and musical studies, and she is keen to keep developing cross-disciplinary research and outputs about the socio-cultural role of music-making and cultural hybridisation. She will notably contribute to the CRC research workshop on Songs.