Explo­ring (Migrant) Women’s Lives And Stories Through Photo­graphs (2022)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung

This study explores the life narratives of ten women who migrated from Turkey to Germany in order to understand gendering aspects of migration with inhabited power dynamics, constraints, and possibilities as well as their life trajectories. The interviews with women on their lives and migration stories were conducted through the photographs they chose to show and those on display in the houses. The research questions of the study are as follows: What do women do and say about their lives with the photos at home and with the ones that they show? Which themes, words and discourses are repeated, absent, or silenced? How do they construct and contest their identities and feelings of belongings? How do they remember and connect with their past places and relations and imagine a future?


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Gencel Bek, M. (2022). EXPLORING (MIGRANT) WOMEN’S LIVES AND STORIES THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS. Moment Dergi, Visual Culture, 251-269. DOI: 10.17572/mj2022.1.251269