„Help wanted? A narra­tive look at penal welfa­rism ‚from below‘“ (2019)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


This article explores principles of penal welfarism. For a number of years, there has been a wide-ranging debate on the impact of penal welfarism and on its transformation or indeed its possible supersedence. To date, however, discussions have rarely started with those directly affected (‘from below’) and asked how welfarist measures are experienced and perceived by young people who have been charged with or convicted of offences. This is the approach taken here as I focus on young defendants in the context of their trial. The young people describe in detail problematic life stories and personal challenges. However, the majority reject any attempt to label them as cases for education or rehabilitation. Help in the respondents’ view should primarily resolve specific, pragmatic problems, and not interfere with their identity.


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Dollinger, Bernd (2019): „Help wanted? A narrative look at penal welfarism ‚from below‘“, in:
Youth Justice 19, S. 120–136.