Iden­tity Dyna­mics in the Family Busi­ness Context: A Novel(’s) Perspec­tive (2012)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


This chapter sets out to create a novel understanding of identity dynamics in the family business context. Focusing on Hjalmar Bergman’s The Head of the Firm (1924), a fiction novel, our purpose is to describe and interpret how the personal identity of an entrepreneur is challenged and changed in relation to demanding and overlapping family, business, and societal norms and expectations. In our case, ­particularly events related to succession of management and ownership in a family business form dynamic and emotional plots that propel the story forward.


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Kjellander, B., Nordqvist, M., & Welter, F. (2012). Identity Dynamics in the Family Business Context: A Novel(’s) Perspective. In Understanding Family Businesses (pp. 39–53). Springer, New York, NY.