Protest between Discourse and Prac­tice - On the Rela­ti­on­ship of Affec­tive Discour­ses and Prac­ti­ces of Moving Protest Forms with the Exam­ple of the Yippie Festi­val of Life (2017)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


The paper addresses the unfinished discussion of the affective in sociological theory. Major objective is to argue for an active and positive connotation of the decentering of the subject within the framework of the version of the affective that sociology implemented under great effort - one might think of the achievements of post structuralism - not so long ago. For this reason, a research program using a discourse-analytically informed sociology of practice - relating to the affective – is recommended. It borrows ontologically from Mas-sumi [1], whose concept of the affective applies empirically in the tradition of Grossberg [2] and Clough [3] and tests it against sociology of protest by borrowing from Stähli’s [4] concept of the collective. The event of the Chicago Festival of Life 1968 gives an example how to do a practicetheoretical sequential filmanalysis with the methodological focus on artefacts, bodies, moves, space, time and discourse. It brings us to the findings that with such a research design one needn’t with the subject in focus throw the affect as such overboard as well, but could rather – and Patricia T. Clough [3] is right with that - implement the affective turn in such a way that it refers to the discontinuity of the subject and conceives physicalness and materiality in general as constituting moments of sociality [3]. The essence of the reflections is, finally, the suggestion that affectedness is practice which, in its eventuality as a historically contingent intensity zone, like G. Deleuze and F. Guatari [31] highlighted, is constituted with potential for transformation and can only be empirically grasped.


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Schäfer, Franka 2017: "Protest between Discourse and Practice - On the Relationship of Af-fective Discourses and Practices of Moving Protest Forms with the Example of the Yippie Festival of Life". Sociology and Anthropology, Vol. 5 (6), pp. 495 - 501. doi: 10.13189/sa.2017.050609.