Surfing on the ironing board‘ – the repre­sen­ta­tion of women’s entre­pre­neur­ship in German newspa­pers (2011)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


Despite extensive attempts to enhance women's entrepreneurship in Germany, a gender gap continues to exist. This article sets out to analyse the representation of women's entrepreneurship in German media, by analysing how it is depicted in newspapers and how this changes over time. Images transported in media might regulate the nature of women's entrepreneurship, as they contain information about 'typical' and 'socially desirable' behaviour of women as well as of entrepreneurs. This article contributes to developing an understanding of the relevance of media representation of the entrepreneurship phenomenon for influencing the propensity towards entrepreneurial activity.


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Achtenhagen, L., & Welter, F. (2011). ‘Surfing on the ironing board’ – the representation of women's entrepreneurship in German newspapers. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 23(9-10), 763–786.