Dr. Naomi Andrew Haruna

Dr. Naomi Andrew Haruna is currently a Senior Lecturer with the department of Visual and Performing Arts University of Maiduguri, with a PhD in Cultural Sustainability (Visual Communication). She holds a master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University, UK, and a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts with a specialisation in Graphics from University of Maiduguri. As a cultural enthusiast Naomi is combining her training in Creative Arts, Visual Communication, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with her passion for Cultural Studies to find ways in which to sustainably promote peace, promote sustainable environmental practices, gender equality and arts education within her community and society at large. Her research is mostly qualitative using bottom-top approaches with artistic practice methodologies. Her recent research has mostly been on the use of culturally based visual representations for the promotion of peace and harmony amongst Internally Displaced Person’s in Northeast Nigeria. Another recent interest is promoting sustainable environmental practices by stopping of tree felling digital story telling technic among her community members. Further, her research interests include Peace Media, Development Communication, Popular Music (Afro) and Gender Studies.