A Lived Expe­ri­ence. Immer­sive Multi-Senso­rial Art Exhi­bi­ti­ons as a New Kind of (Not That) ‘Cheap Images’ (2023)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


This article analyzes the phenomenon of multi-sensorial, digital, and immersive art exhibitions
of popular artists, which has been widely neglected in academic research, from a historical
perspective. Reflecting the significance of lived experience in art consumption, this 21st-century
phenomenon can be confronted productively with early-20th-century art reproductions. The article
focuses on the characteristics of both popular phenomena and on their advertisement, as well as
on the discourse around them, documenting reactions from resistance to persistence and accommodation.
The analysis shows noticeable similarities between the two types of popularization of
high art, positioning the new immersive exhibitions in a traditional line of technical innovative
art popularization. Whereas photomechanical art reproduction had an immense influence on the
popular art canon, being also dependent on ‘photogenic’ conditions of artworks and thus focusing
predominantly on painting, the contemporary canon is predisposed by the immersible characteristics
of artists’ oeuvres.


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Beck, Mirja (2023): "A Lived Experience. Immersive Multi-Sensorial Art Exhibitions as a New Kind of (Not That) ‘Cheap Images’", in: Arts 12 (16).