Para­do­xes of Popu­la­rity: Between Hidden Cham­pi­ons and Invi­si­ble Ever­y­day Entre­pre­neur­ship

Working Paper Series

no. 11



Media disseminate popular images of entrepreneurship such as unicorns or hidden champions and contribute to popularizing selected types of entrepreneurship. As information intermediary, media play a crucial role in creating images of entrepreneurship. We aim to contribute a differentiated perspective by revealing how media influence popular images of entrepreneurship by analyzing both, the selectivity and social evaluation/assessment mechanisms used. We illustrate how evaluation regimes undertaken by expert bodies impact popularity. Both quantified as well as narrative elements of evaluation regimes underpin the supremacy of firms; partly underlined by linguistic expressions and narrative plots. Through our media analysis, we contribute to a broader understanding of popularity.

Keywords: content analysis, media, narratives, newspaper, popular entrepreneurship, evaluation regimes


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Schmid, Simone und Friederike Welter (2024): „Paradoxes of popularity: Between Hidden Champions and invisible everyday Entrepreneurship“. Working Paper SFB 1472, no. 11. DOI: