Dr. Simone Schmid (Betriebswirtschaftslehre)

0271 740 5229
AH-A 315

Dr. Simone Schmid studied Educational science (Dipl.-Päd. Univ.) and Economics (Dipl.-Vw. Univ.) at the University of Regensburg. On the topic "Success factor team!? A multi-method and multi-case approach to the empirical analysis of conditional factors of successful teamwork", she received her doctorate (summa cum laude). Since April 2021, she is a postdoctoral researcher in SFB 1472 "Transformations of the Popular" and researches the discursive construction and selective popularization of entrepreneurship in the subproject B06 "Paradoxes of Popularity - Between Hidden Champions and Everyday Entrepreneurship". Her central research interests lie at the intersection of Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management. Her past research has examined how organizations and their members cope with extreme events and uncertainty, and how organizations can be led and managed more adaptively. The use of qualitative and/or quantitative social research methods methodologically reflects her theoretical agenda.