Lena Teige­ler (Medienwissenschaft)

0271 740 5223
AH-A 312/313

In project C01, I’m primarily dealing with work area I „Revisting Twitter after Gezi“, which examines practices of fabricating majority positions on Twitter in post-Gezi Turkey and the role of automation. My dissertation equally deals with the relationship of Twitter and automation.
The interest in research into social media platforms arose during my Bachelor studies at Siegen University. During the following MA in media and cultural studies I got involved in different teaching and research projects, like the interdisciplinary teaching project „Media practices of confession“ together with Lisa Gerzen (BO3). In 2015 I spent a semester at the Universidad Nacional Villa María, Argentina, and in 2019 at Lancaster University, UK, studying Media and Cultural Studies. I’m interested in digital methods as well as in practices of quantification and platform optimisation.