Gaps as Signi­fi­cant Absences: The Case of Serial Comics (2019)

Peer reviewed / Buchveröffentlichung


This contribution considers the ways in which comics utilize the gaps between panels (sequentiality) and installments (seriality) to turn an absence into a meaningful presence. Rather than conceive of these gaps as essential flaws of comics storytelling, the contribution suggests that they have historically served as the basis for an intensely participatory culture that has driven the development of the medium. Moreover, instead of focusing exclusively on absent signifiers, the contribution illustrates the tendencies and means of superhero comics to trouble any neat separation between absent signifier and a signifying presence.


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Stein, Daniel (2019): „Gaps as Significant Absences: The Case of Serial Comics“, in: Werner Wolf /
Nassim Balestrini / Walter Bernhart (Hg.): Meaningful Absence Across Arts and Media: The Significance of Missing Signifiers. Leiden, S. 126–155.