Digi­tal Body Know­ledge. Fault Lines of Proble­ma­tic Popu­la­rity in Health Care

C Populisms

The project studies the popularization of digital body knowledge in relation to local medical practices and patient groups from the district Siegen-Wittgenstein. It analyses the scope of problematic popularity in health care by way of example and with high empirical resolution. In addition, the project situates these current dynamics within the history of professional and popular body knowledge and connects them with the recent convergence of medical and media technologies in the areas of m-health and e-health.


Health Data and its prac­ti­ces. Explo­ra­ti­ons in popu­lar, profes­si­o­nal, and parti­ci­pa­tory contexts


8.- 9. September 2022
Ort: Seminarzentrum Obergraben, US - S 001/002

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Feld­zu­gänge unter Corona- Bedin­gun­gen


Online- Workshop
22. April 2021
9:00 - 17:00 Uhr

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Die Arzt-Pati­ent-Bezie­hung (2010)

Andere wissen­schaft­li­che Publi­ka­ti­o­nen

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Tech­no­gra­fie. Zur Mikro­so­zio­lo­gie der Tech­nik (2006)

Peer reviewed / Buch­ver­öf­fent­li­chung

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