‘Self-made reli­gi­on’? Trans­for­ma­ti­ons of Popu­lar Theo­lo­gi­cal Discour­ses in the Mirror of the Recep­tion of Publi­ca­ti­ons by Johann Hein­rich Jung-Stil­ling

C Populisms

Based on the international journalistic success of the lay theologian J.H. Jung-Stilling, this subproject examines the interactive and interdiscursive dynamics between institutions of the established religious elite and the transformations of the borderline religious popularity up to 1950. The work programme includes the investigation of publication strategies including the relevance of the quantitative as well as concrete conflict agendas of the popular (Vorse-hung, Geisterkunde, Apokalyptik).


Präfi­gu­ra­ti­o­nen von Pop, Popu­la­ri­tät und Popu­lis­men


Präfigurationen von Pop, Popularität und Populismen
02. Dezember 2021

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